NK5 AMP Black

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Great sandal for being all day on hard surfaces. The built-in heel stress absorber, is the key. Molded in spring SBS it makes the difference for those that are on their feet for long periods. The sole is built in high quality rubber, for years of abuse, and the grippy feel you only get from rubber. The insole is made from Kenner's proprietary non absorbing cushy material, finished off with a soft sanding. Uppers  are a made from thick and tightly woven Nylon yarn straps. The straps are also treated for a much lower water absorption than the regular weaves. These 32mm wide straps provide a great fit and, the most comfortable silk touch. Angled sides for added stability, give the sandal a sporty feel.


  • Heel stress absorber for long standing times.
  • Rubber soles for wear and grip.
  • Cushy Insole with a sanded finish.
  • Uppers in 32mm wide Nylon straps.
  • Angled sides for stability.

Kenner manufactures long-lasting, quality products.  In the unlikely event of a manufacturer’s defect,
we proudly offer a 3-year warranty with all our sandals.

The warranty is valid only if the product displays the signs of normal wear and tear.  Products determined by Kenner to have been abused, or used for any purpose other than its intended use, will not be covered under warranty and will be returned to the sender as is.

Examples of defective products include;

- Toe strap dislodging.
- Straps pulling out from the side, or separation of the outsoles.  Normal insole footprint compression and outsole wear are considered normal wear and tear and will not be covered under warranty.

    NOTE: Defective sandals are NOT to be replaced by the store. 
    Customers seeking a warranty claim must send their defective sandals to the address below. Any repaired or replaced sandals will be returned within 30 days of initial claim.  If identical model/size combination is not available at the time of the claim, Kenner will contact the customer with other comparable choices.

    Send Warranty Claims to:

    KENNER Footwear
    4590 MacArthur BLVD 
    5th Floor
    Newport Beach CA, 92660 

    4 37 35 9.2 23.4
    5 38 36 9.5 24.1
    5.5 39 37 9.7 24.07
    6.5 40 38 10 25.4
    8.5 40 38 10 25.4
    7 41 39 10.2 26
    8 42 40 10.5 26.7
    9 43 41 10.8 27.4
    9.5 44 42 11 28
    10.5 45 43 11.3 28.7
    11 46 44 11.5 29.3
    12 47 45 11.8 30

    *Kenner does not make a size 10. If you feel like you would need a size 10, we recommend trying out a 10.5 which is only slightly bigger than a size 10.

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