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Kenner Sandals started from a conversation between Peter Simon, our founder and a Santa Monica lifeguard who went by the nickname Kenner, back in the Summer of 1985. From a very casual chat about how a flip flop could feel like walking barefoot on soft sand, to the present Kenner sandal, a lot has happened. Our sandals, starting from a very minimalistic and simple construction concept, have evolved to a technically sophisticated product, that is built on three guiding principles: Design, Comfort and Durability. From the home-made beginnings of a few hundred pairs made to the present millions of pairs in yearly production, Kenner has built a loyal following.

The present-day Kenner Sandal, can withstand many years (we get samples of sandals worn for 20 years from happy customers) of daily use, due to the use of top quality materials and sturdy construction technology.

Kenners are built in Brazil, land of the flip flop, where it is Summer year-round and the people wear sandals as their day to day footwear. The Kenner Sandals company was established in 1988 in Rio, Brazil and is a very vertically integrated enterprise, with a focus on in-house product development, materials chemistry compounding, a strong design team, a high-end mold making tool shop, and a dedicated team of associates. Production of sandals and components are distributed among three manufacturing facilities, employing over 1500 people.

Soles are made from high grade rubber, and many colors and prints. Uppers are presented in Nylon weave, molded gel, leather and, PU material sheets. Insoles are made from proprietary foam, compounded with rubber and EVA. All production processes are developed for safety and health concerns of our teams.


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